What Healing Means To Me


When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece” – John Rushkin

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Life does not have to be perfect to be wonderful.


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Our health is an intricate balance largely determined by the choices we make and what destiny has in store for us. As I often tell my patients, I can guide you and hold your hand, on your journey to ‘Balance Your Health—but ultimately the responsibility to walk the path and take action is yours. This action must be in congruence with your mind’s decision and resonate with your heart’s intention. This involves an understanding that one’s main issue has many facets and that using a balanced approach is a great way to start. Whilst one may not necessarily be cured of a particular ailment, healing most often occurs when one is at peace with the process, whatever it may be.


Often the journey to a place of healing is moving from the current state of ‘what if ’ thinking to a place of ‘as if ’ being.

The realization that unconditional love is the greatest healer is a lesson that we all must learn in one-way or another.


We all wake up in the morning with a complete agenda for the day to come, and before we start to brush our teeth, we have either destroyed or made our day! We allow our minds to enter into states of what I fondly call ‘what if’ thinking— where we are engrossed in possibilities that have yet to unfold. The key to entering that place of peace is to allow the love in our hearts to take us the point of ‘as if’, a place where we are in the NOW.

Here, we allow all thoughts and actions to be governed by the heart and weave into the fabric of the moment, threads of creative love. In this way we participate in the eternal choice, of whether we are going ‘to be’ and participate in the wonder of life, or just drift along and continue in a state of ‘what if ‘ thinking.

adrenal representation

As we enter Spring we are offered an opportunity to participate in acts of gratitude, which are an easy way to unlock the love of the heart. Gratitude is a heartfelt thankfulness for all the people, places, points and processes in our lives that have meaning. As we express our thanks, the heart is opened and we are taken along a little further on the journey to our particular destination of healing. We need to make our choices skillfully and with discrimination & determination , and in this way we slowly work on the canvas of our life’s story.

Our Signature Program

As we proceed over the next few months, I will show and share with you, thoughts, ideas and information on “Balance Your Health©– our signature program canvas. Knowledge, courage and self discipline are the tools that are used to build the bridge, so welcome—come and join us with your ideas, questions and participation.

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The Sacred Garden


As we move into this holiday season, I am filled with a deep sense of joy and a continual need to make this time special. The word ‘Holiday’, ie ‘Holy Day’, originates from ‘Halig daeg’, a day of recreation, health, and happiness. We need to take the time to re-create and continue on our individual & collective paths to a more joyful and meaningful existence.

How different this seems from the constant barrage of advertising, the mad rush to get shopping done, and finally all the binge eating that we all do at this time. All this hectic activity leads to increased stress which impacts all of us in a significant way – ‘the chaotic madness of doing’!

Over the years, as I have pondered about this wonderful time, the concept of a Sacred Garden has grown in my heart. As we journey through our lives, we need constant renewal and refreshment. By nurturing and developing the Sacred Garden of our body, mind, and spirit we are able to revitalize and recreate.

On a higher level our inner sanctuary is where we travel to, and if done daily this does serve as a source of restoration. We all need to detoxify our physical, emotional and mental facets and this can be done in a program that pays attention to our integral holism.

The body is our temple and is it is our privilege to be able to nurture and respect it while we make our journey on this earth. This means clean living, exercise and eating right – especially during the holidays!

Simplicity in what we do and how we conduct ourselves allows for a cleaner lifestyle. Exercise should be done regularly, with the aim to refresh and restore the body whilst allowing for a time of enjoyment and where possible relaxation.

Whether this occurs in an aerobic class, brisk walking, swimming, free weights or stretching like yoga or qigong, is one’s choice, but aiming to do this regularly is the key. Eating right is a topic unto itself, but means organic where possible, drinking copious amounts of clean water, and avoiding ‘junk’ food. We need to try and inculcate a sustainable program, which is why I advise people to eat one or two meals a week of whatever they fancy, with the caveat that these meals are balanced with nutritional ones!

Allowing for cleansing both internally and externally involves a structured detoxification program (best done in the Spring and the Fall). This may be medically supervised, depending on one’s medical condition(s).

However in principle, this should allow for fasting, cleansing the gastrointestinal tract, and if necessary addressing any increased body burden of yeast, parasites or heavy metals.

The mental and emotional facets of our constitution are more difficult to cleanse and maintain. We need to hold an attitude of harmlessness, fostered with love and compassion for our fellows – epitomizing the concept of right relationship.

Starting with an ‘Attitude of Gratitude’ and getting rid of the ‘stinkin thinkin’ further enables the cultivation of mental and emotional quiet. Focusing on kindness and thoughtfulness, accompanied by an empathic demeanor are the keys. We are all to some extent alchemists and we participate in the ‘Great Work’ of transforming the Lead of our personalities into the Gold of the spirit.

We need to move toward becoming transparent to the love we all have in us and allow ourselves and others those moments of caring and kindness. Participating in prayer and meditation on a daily basis, reading spiritual material that is relevant to our personal beliefs and serving others is the bedrock of this alchemical process. We should endeavor to create that special quiet time in our ‘Sacred Garden’, where we can revitalize, rejuvenate and recreate our biological constitution on all levels.