Allergy Testing & Treatment

 An allergy is an immune reaction in which exposure to tiny amounts of a specific substance (the allergen) results in an exaggerated immune response, with unpleasant symptoms and signs.

Environmental, Candida, Mold and food allergies can often be difficult to diagnose and treat, because they can present with a wide and variable range of symptoms.

Food allergies can often be particularly difficult to diagnose and treat, because of their varied presentation. Bloating and cramping are more common symptoms, but  symptoms may occur long after the offending food has been eaten, which makes it even more difficult to correctly identify these allergenic foods.

If you display hay fever, sneezing, and/or coughing, chronic sinusitis and/or bronchitis, itching, rashes, headaches, bloating, indigestion, muscle and joint pains, fatigue, then you likely have a component of allergic illness. 

Our proprietary assessment includes:

  • a targeted history and examination,
  • lab work, including comprehensive diagnostic testing to identify the exact offending allergen(s),
  • a treatment plan, including immunotherapy (oral drop) treatments. 

We offer sublingual drops from Allergy Choices, which are convenient and can be done by you at home. 

Reactions to allergenic substances might include

Inhaled Allergens


Candida (Yeast)



Any combination of the listed Allergens

Our Treatment Plan

My approach includes the following Steps to achieve the goal of ‘Balancing Your Health, One Step at a Time.’


Systematic Review of Findings (ROF)


Identification of Root Cause Problems (RCP)


Laying the Foundation for Root Cause Resolution & Balance


Maintanence of Balance between your Biological Footprint & Nature's Template

Staff is absolutely fabulous; genuinely kind, caring and welcoming. Dr. A astounds with his intuition and gentle yet effective and healing treatments. He spends quality time with you, really hearing and responding to what you have to say, connecting the dots of your life. Finally a doctor who treats the whole person, not just the symptoms!!

– Sarah M.


I have been coming here for 10 years At 58 years old, it is no coincidence that I am in the best shape of my life. Dr. Augoustides' attention to my mind, body and spirit holistically is a primary reason that I look, feel and act 15 years younger And the team that supports the doctor are like family to me. I have always recommended Piedmont Integrative Medicine to anyone that will listen!

– Joey H.

I have been seeing Dr. A for over 10 years. When other doctors cannot help you Dr. A is the one to see. Dr. A and his staff really care about helping people get well. They don't put a patch on it and send you on your way. If you have health issues other doctors can't seem to fix, call Dr. A and see the difference for yourself.

– Diane S.

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