Adrenal Conditions

Dealing with any stress may deplete the adrenal gland’s hormonal and functional reserve. This results in a suboptimal ability to deal with and balance stress.

One essential key for our patients is to make the paradigm shift from Stress to Serenity.

Coupled with this paradigm shift is the shift of  one’s life perspective from Surviving to Thriving.

Adrenal hormones affect all the cells and endocrine glands. So, when cortisol (the adrenal gland’s hormone of stress) is low or high, the entire body is adversely affected.

That is why the signs and symptoms are so many and varied. Remember suboptimal adrenal function occurs both as a distinct clinical disorder and as a contributing factor to many chronic illnesses.

Key Signs & Symptoms include

Frequently craving salt and foods high in salt

Hypoglycemic under stress

Increased PMS

Mild depression


Need to rest after psychological or emotional stress

Muscular weakness

Becomes allergic or has increased frequency/severity of histamine type allergic reactions


Chronic fatigue

Increased apathy

Our Treatment Plan

My approach includes the following Steps to achieve the goal of ‘Balancing Your Health, One Step at a Time.’


Systematic Review of Findings (ROF)


Identification of Root Cause Problems (RCP)


Laying the Foundation for Root Cause Resolution & Balance


Maintanence of Balance between your Biological Footprint & Nature's Template

Staff is absolutely fabulous; genuinely kind, caring and welcoming. Dr. A astounds with his intuition and gentle yet effective and healing treatments. He spends quality time with you, really hearing and responding to what you have to say, connecting the dots of your life. Finally a doctor who treats the whole person, not just the symptoms!!

– Sarah M.


I have been coming here for 10 years At 58 years old, it is no coincidence that I am in the best shape of my life. Dr. Augoustides' attention to my mind, body and spirit holistically is a primary reason that I look, feel and act 15 years younger And the team that supports the doctor are like family to me. I have always recommended Piedmont Integrative Medicine to anyone that will listen!

– Joey H.

I have been seeing Dr. A for over 10 years. When other doctors cannot help you Dr. A is the one to see. Dr. A and his staff really care about helping people get well. They don't put a patch on it and send you on your way. If you have health issues other doctors can't seem to fix, call Dr. A and see the difference for yourself.

– Diane S.

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